Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 1 Solutions [English Medium] – MyNoteswala


Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 1 Solutions [English Medium] – MyNoteswala


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Class 12 Chemistry Chapter -1 solutions Notes [English Medium] Latest Updated – MyNoteswala

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Class 12 Chemistry Chapter -1 Solutions Notes [English Medium]Updated – MyNoteswala

Highlight of the chapter.

  • We will discuss in this chapter
  • Formation of different types of solutions;
  • express concentration of solution in different units;
  • statement and explanation of Henry’s law and Raoult’s law.
  • Application of Henry’s law.
  • Distinguish between ideal and non-ideal solutions.
  • Azeotropic mixture.
  • Explain deviations of real solutions from Raoult’s law.
  • Describe colligative properties of solutions and correlate these with molar masses of the solutes.
  • Osmosis and its application.
  • Explain abnormal colligative properties exhibited by some solutes in solutions.
  • With the help of van’t Hoff factor i, finding of degree of association or dissociation of solute.


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Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 1 Solutions [English Medium] – MyNoteswala

Save 1,255.00 (84%)

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